White girls on the chola tag ???????????

(by Lyuba Burakova)

I every much enjoy ASOIAF theories, so I decided to make myself a master post of various theories and share it with you! Many of these theories range was serious to plain silly. Some of these links are very long and some of them are just a paragraph. Many of there theories come from, Reddit, asongoftheories and other tumblr users.
I know there are many more theories out there and if you would like me to put them on this list you may message me! (:
The Cleganes: gravedigger - x x video robert strong - x x
Jon Snow: x x x x x x video
Secret Targaryens: x x x x x x x
The Knight of the Laughing Tree: x x x
Coldhands: x x x x x x
Aegon VI: x x x x x x
The Reeds: x x x x
The Hooded Man: x x x
Septa Lemore: x x x
Alleras the Sphinx: x x 
Quaithe: x x x
Jaqen H’ghar: x
Melisandre: x x
The Valonqar: x x x x
The Harpy: x video
Tysha: x x
Rhaegar Targaryen: x x x
Missandei: x
Varys: x x x
The Tyrells: x x
Faceless Men: x x
Purple Wedding: x x
Targaryen and Blackfrye Alliance: x 
The North: x x x x x video
Southron Ambitions: x 
The Vale: x 
The Citadel: x x
The Dornish: x video
Dreams & Prophecies:
Patchface: x x
Bran Stark: x x x x
Arya Stark: x
Jon Snow: x x x
Shireen: x
Melisandre: x x 
Moqorro: x
House of the Undying: x x x
Ghost of High Heart: x x x
Maggy the Frog: x x
Quaithe: x x
Mirri Maz Duur: x
Azor Ahai: x x x x x x x x x x
Oberyn poisoning Tywin: x x
Balon Greyjoy’s Death: x
Roose Bolton: x video
Syrio Forel: x x
Sansa Stark: x x
Arya Stark: x
Bran Stark: x x
Daenerys: x x
King’s Landing: x x
Summerhall: x
Winterfell’s crypts: x
Khal Drogo’s Fire: x
Shireen’s Purpose: x x
Benjen Stark: x x x
Meereen: x x
The Pink Letter: x x video
ASOIAF and the Revelations: x
The ending: x x x x x x x
Multiple Theories and Essays: x x video *update*